Financial Services Guide

Issue Date: 30 September, 2015

Davin Clarke, Sub Authorised Representative (SAR 442444) of Finsa Pty Limited (CAR No. 442444) owner and operator of TradeSetup website and mobile application.


This Financial Services Guide (FSG) was prepared and issued on 30 September, 2015 by Davin Clarke, owner and operator of TradeSetup website and mobile applications. It describes the financial services provided by Davin Clarke as a Sub Authorised Representative (SAR 442444) of Finsa Pty Limited (CAR No. 442444), who is regulated by ASIC, Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) Number 422661.

What is the purpose of this Financial Services Guide?

The purpose of this FSG is to provide information about the financial services that are provided by Davin Clarke on the Website and smart phone Application (App) at It is designed to assist you in deciding whether to use the financial services described in this FSG.

What this FSG contains

This FSG contains information about:

Who provides the services and how the service provider can be contacted
The financial services provided
How the service provider (and any other relevant parties) are remunerated
Internal and external dispute resolution procedures and how you can access them.
The FSG is issued as an electronic copy (Electronic FSG). The Electronic FSG will be available via (A paper copy will be provided on request). This FSG only relates to the services provided on the TradeSetup Website and App (as published by Davin Clarke) and you should only rely on the information in this FSG for the services covered by this FSG. If this FSG has been received electronically, then a paper copy of this FSG will be provided free of charge on request by contacting TradeSetup administration at:

Who provides the service?

Davin Clarke is the owner and operator of TradeSetup website and mobile applications, located at Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, 90 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs QLD, Australia 4556. Davin Clarke is a Sub Authorised Representative (SAR 442444) of Finsa Pty Ltd, who holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 422661) and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Davin Clarke can be reached by contacting TradeSetup administration:

The financial services provided

For the purposes of this FSG, the services provided by Davin Clarke are limited to:

Providing general financial product advice only for the following classes of financial products:
Derivatives; and
Foreign Exchange
via the TradeSetup Website and App to retail clients and wholesale clients.

General Advice only

Any advice given on the TradeSetup website or mobile applications is general advice only.

Tradesetup does not provide personal advice of any kind and have not authorised anyone to give personal advice.

Under the law regulating provision of financial services, general advice and personal advice have special meanings and may differ from what you commonly understand. General advice can include direct or implied recommendations about financial products or services, whether generally or for a class or kind of investor, without taking into account your particular circumstances. General advice includes advice based on consideration of the investment alone (including by reference to current market conditions) and any such general advice is provided without any express or implied recommendation that such advice is appropriate for you in light of your personal circumstances. Regular updates, marketing materials, trade alerts, research reports, market reports, PDS or other offer documents and website or app content are not personal advice.

Who is responsible for the Financial Services Provided?

Davin Clarke, Sub Authorised Representative (SAR 442444) of Finsa Pty Limited (CAR No. 442444) owner and operator of TradeSetup website and mobile application provides the general financial service.

Finsa Pty Limited (CAR No. 442444) is responsible for the conduct of Davin Clarke, its appointed Sub Authorised Representative (SAR 442444)

How can you contact the service providers?

All of your regular contact in relation to financial services provided on the Website and App should first be with Davin Clarke.

If you have any queries about this FSG or the services provided, you can contact Davin Clarke:

Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast
90 Sippy Downs Drive
Sippy Downs, Queensland, 4556
Telephone: (07)54302226

How the service provider (and any other relevant parties) are remunerated

The TradeSetup app is downloaded via a monthly subscription fee to retail and wholesale clients.

The TradeSetup app is also available on a licencing basis with 3rd parties. TradeSetup may receive licencing fees based on negotiated payments.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Your subscription to the TradeSetup app can be cancelled by logging in to your account page.

Do you provide a refund if I cancel my subscription?
TradeSetup has a no refund policy. The subscription can be started and stopped in blocks of 1(one) calendar month only, and only by applying in writing, by email, or letter, giving 1 (one) months clear notice of your intention.

How is my personal information dealt with?

Your privacy is important to us and Davin Clarke is committed to compliance with the Privacy Act 1998 (Commonwealth) and the National Privacy Principles.

Collection of some of your personal information is necessary for delivery of some of the services provided by Davin Clarke (for instance, App subscription or responding to your enquiries). The personal information Davin Clarke may collect from you may include your name, email address, address, year of birth, gender and other information relevant to providing you with the services you are seeking.

If you are an App subscriber, we may send alerts to you from time to time in relation to products, services, promotions or special offers of ours and/or third parties that may be of interest. Davin Clarke will not release your personal information to any third party for the purposes of allowing them to market their products and services directly to you (i.e. all emails to App subscribers regarding products or services of a third party will be sent by us on behalf of the third party) unless your consent has been specifically obtained. If you are an App subscriber and do not want Davin
Clarke to contact you to promote and market their products, services, promotions and special offers and/or those of third parties, you may terminate your App subscription.

Davin Clarke maintains a record of your personal profile which includes your personal details.

Davin Clarke’s Privacy Policy contains full details in relation to our policies relating to the collection and use of your personal information. It is available on the Website.

If you wish to access information which Davin Clarke holds about you, please contact Davin Clarke to request this.

What Should I Do If I Have A Complaint?

We are committed to providing quality general advice to our clients. This commitment extends to providing accessible complaint resolution mechanisms for our clients.

If you have any complaint about the service provided to you, you should take the following steps; Contact TradeSetup administration immediately. Email:

If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved within 7 days please contact TradeSetup administration authorising licensee (FinSA) by Phone: (07)54302226. Or put it in writing and email to

If we cannot reach a satisfactory resolution within a further 45 days you can raise your concerns with the Financial Ombudsman Service on 1300 78 08 08. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission, (ASIC), also has a free call info line on 1300 300 630 which you may use to make a complaint or obtain information about your rights.