S32 – South32 Limited

Stock : S32 – South32 Limited

Current Price : 2.85

Previous Buy Entry Level : 2.75

New Sell Exit Zone : 2.65

Status : On watch for continuation

S32 has held a higher low around 2.60 beautifully and is on the move higher. We are now watching to see how price reacts around 3.00/3.05 resistance for a potential partial exit. Resistance at 2.87 has been broken today so we are expecting price to accelerate higher. Happy now to tighten up the risk level and see how this plays out.



Stock : S32 – South32 Limited

Current Price : 2.73

New Buy Entry Trigger Level : 2.75

Potential Sell Exit Zone : 2.55

Status : On watch for buy entry trigger

S32 has rejected lower levels and is building a higher low for a move up. We are happy to buy as at 2.75 as price moves higher and buyers take control. If price heads lower prior to entry through 2.55, then we will re-assess the price structure.