SP500 Index

Stock Index : SP500 Index

Current Price : 2388

Status : Sellers stacked up for a Short Squeeze

The SP500 has pushed higher as expected after washing out the lows. Price action did not play out exactly as planned but the short squeeze is on. We expect to see another expansion move higher as the sellers that have stacked up in the ‘contraction’ phase, continued to get cleaned out of the market.



Stock Index : SP500 Index

Current Price : 2352

Status : Sellers stacked up, watching for Buy entry setup

The SP500 has been contracting since mid march and all the while dragging in the sellers. We see the sellers have loaded up and greatly out weigh the buyers so there is plenty of fuel for a short squeeze. We expect to see the 2341 support zone hold up then higher lows to build for a buy entry setup. There may still be some work to do but we are expecting a squeeze and for sellers to be caught off guard.