SAS – Sky and Space Global Limited

Stock : SAS – Sky and Space Global Limited

Current Price : 0.225 current match price

Previous buy entry trigger level : 0.245

New Sell Exit Zone : 0.18 (below capital raise price of 0.19)

Status : On watch for continuation

SAS is coming out of a trading halt at 10.35am after a very heavily oversubscribed capital raising. The capital raise price is 0.19 so we are going to drop the risk level to just below at 0.18 to give the price room to move. We expect to see price well supported after a lot of interest in the raising, but also expect to see a bit of choppy price action. The open price is looking to be around 0.22/0.225 at the moment so we will watch and see how this plays out and may re-assess later today.




Stock : SAS – Sky and Space Global Limited

Current Price : 0.235

New Buy Entry Trigger Level : 0.245

Potential Sell Exit Zone : 0.20

Status : On watch for buy entry trigger

SAS has had a great run of positive news and looks ready to make another kick to new highs. We are now watching for a continuation entry through 0.245 and then will kep the exit zone around 0.20. If price pushed lower below 0.205 prior to entry, then we will re-asses the price action.