SUN – Suncorp Group Limited

Stock : SUN – Suncorp Group Limited

Current Price : 14.34

Status : On watch for continuation higher

SUN was alerted for a move higher last month which has played out nicely. Looking at the weekly chart, we still see that the price action could lead to a push up to 18.00 so we are now watching the lower timeframe daily chart for the buy entry setup. If we get the pullback and higher low then its time to get involved and follow the weekly trend up.



Stock : SUN – Suncorp Group Limited

Current Price : 13.42

Status : On Watch for buy entry setup

SUN is looking strong on the weekly chart and holding higher lows. We are seeing some great signs that price is ready to break up out of the long term contraction through 13.75. We have previously alerted an entry on SUN which did not play out but the underlying price structure is still good to go. Now watching the daily charts for the 12.75 zone to hold and higher lows to build as it still has some work to do.