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*Disclaimer: It is important to acknowledge that the results shown are hypothetical and based on the ASX share price movement. The results do not take into account margin, available trading volume, possible price slippage for trade entries or exits and transaction costs. Model result is obtained by starting with a hypothetical $100,000 base account and taking an initial $10,000 position size (now $20,000 since Aug 2019) on each trade alert issued, then following the management alerts with exits. Historical Alerts are from the start date 14th November 2015 to 13th August 2021. There is no guarantee as to the success of future trade alerts. Please note that past performance results are in no way an assurance of future performance and it is recommended that investors seek their own independent professional advice. For a full list of past alerts. please email support@tradesetup.com.au

Our Proven Results

Based on a $100,000 starting balance and following TradeSetup Market Alert Strategies, The trade balance would now stand at a whopping $360,310*.

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“Beyond the terrific educational benefit from seasoned traders, what I like the most with TSU subscription is their discipline to stay with a positive expectancy trading system, regardless of the noise.”
Laurent M, Adelaide
“They watch the markets all day and advise clients of the stocks on their radar. Clearly defined entry points are provided, supported by a diagram of their preferred price action.”
Helen M, Sydney
“I like “TRADESETUP’ website because the layout is so simple but very effective with a flawless look.”
Bobby P, Melbourne
“Just letting you know your call on BPT more than covered the yearly subscription.”
Lyndon R, Sunshine Coast


TradeSetup provides trading alerts, news events and education as general advice only.  TradeSetup is a trading name of Dynamic Capital Trading Pty Ltd.   Dynamic Capital Trading Pty Ltd is licensed to provide general advice services (AFS License 495685).  Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future events.



General Advice Warning

The TradeSetup Alerts have been prepared without taking account of the customer’s objectives, financial situation or needs; and because of that, the customer should, before acting on the advice, consider the appropriateness of the advice, having regard to their objectives, financial situation and needs.
Before making a decision about whether to acquire a financial product the customer should obtain a Product Disclosure Statement or offer document from the relevant financial service provider.