*Trade Result Information

*Disclaimer: It is important to acknowledge that the results shown are hypothetical and based on the ASX share price movement. The results do not take into account margin, available trading volume, possible price slippage for trade entries or exits and transaction costs. Model result is obtained by starting with a hypothetical $100,000 base account and taking an initial $10,000 position size (now $20,000 since Aug 2019) on each trade alert issued, then following the management alerts with exits. Historical Alerts are from the start date 14th November 2015 to 27th July 2021. There is no guarantee as to the success of future trade alerts. Please note that past performance results are in no way an assurance of future performance and it is recommended that investors seek their own independent professional advice. For a full list of past alerts. please email support@tradesetup.com.au

Our Proven Results

Based on a $100,000 starting balance and following TradeSetup Market Alert Strategies,
The trade balance would now stand at a whopping $352,950*.

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