A pick up in buying pressure sees price hold higher levels ready for a new leg up

Potential Buy Entry Alert to Watch AMG

Time Frame : Daily

Sector : Materials

Key Stats : $30.75 Million Market Cap, VWAP 0.13, ASX Ranking 1216, 4 Week Av Turnover $182,970, Current Turnover (Intraday as at time of alert) $106,122.

Company Overview : Ausmex Mining Group Limited (AMG, formerly Eumeralla Resources Ltd) is an Australia based mineral exploration company. AMG has mining project in Queensland and South Australia.

Broker Consensus : Not covered by a major broker

AMX – Ausmex Mining Group Limited

AMG is a small mineral exploration company that is showing some big signs for a move up. Recent buying volume come in to push price up to 0.17 where we saw some profit taking and pullback. Price from there, has been holding some higher levels and is building for what looks like the next leg up to new highs. We are now watching for another pick up in volume for a higher low and push up through 0.14 for the potential entry. Keeping a close eye on this one.

Stock Code : AMG – Ausmex Mining Group Limited

Company Website : www.ausmexgroup.com.au

Current Price : 0.13

Status : On watch for potential higher low and move through 0.17