AUDUSD sellers squeezed out with a strong move up and still more to come

Potential Buy Alert


Currency Pair : AUDUSD

Current Price : 0.7812

Status : Watching for Continuation higher

The AUDUSD kicked on strong as expected since the alert on the 5/7/17. The price action was textbook and squeezed out the sellers into resistance at 0.7835. We are now watching for a washout of this level and a pullback to build another higher low. From there, we are expecting continuation of the move up as the sellers are still stacked up ready to fuel the move.


Original Alert 5/7/17

Currency Pair : AUDUSD

Current Price : 0.7608

Status : On watch for short squeeze

The AUDUSD is setting up nicely for a short squeeze as the sellers are stacked up. This may take some time to play out so we are now watching the lower timeframe charts for entries. Price may need to wash out s few buyers before starting a new leg up through 0.7835.