Buyers dive into the action to trigger the entry level

VHT released a positive quarterly which triggered the Buy Entry Level at 1.71 after the open so the alert is now active. The Stop Loss is held at 1.52 and the current action is trading at 1.73.

Alert History

Original Buy Entry Alert 16/10/19

New Buy Entry Alert VHT

Time Frame : Daily

Sector : Healthcare Equipment and Services

Key Stats : $341.27 Million Market Cap, VWAP 1.61, ASX Ranking 444, 4 Week Av Turnover $567,342, Current Turnover (Intraday as at time of alert) $230,476.

Company Overview : Volpara Health Technologies Limited (VHT) develops digital health solutions to enable personalised, high quality breast cancer screening based on objective measurements of breast density, compression and radiation dose.

Broker Consensus : Not covered by a major broker

VHT – Volpara Health Technologies Limited

VHT is showing strong signs that buyers are building for a move higher. The Company is cashed up with no debt and looking to increase market share with its technologies. We are happy to buy on a push up through 1.685 and hold the stop loss at 1.52. If price falls down through 1.52 prior to entry then we will cancel the alert and re-assess the action.

Stock Code : VHT – Volpara Health Technologies Limited

Company Website :

Current Price : 1.625

New Buy Entry (Trigger Level) : 1.685

Potential Sell Exit Zone (Stop Loss/Cancel Level) : 1.52

Status : On watch for Buy Entry Trigger