Buyers ready to make the charge higher as Gold performs well overnight

DCN is expected to open strong after a solid rally into Gold overnight. The current match is 1.25 just below the Buy Trigger Level at 1.255. We are happy to buy up to 1.27 but will wait if price gaps higher.

Alert History

Original Alert 28/08/19

New Buy Entry Alert DCN

Time Frame : Daily/Weekly

Sector : Materials/Basic Materials

Key Stats : $267.82 Billion Market Cap, VWAP 1.22, ASX Ranking 488, 4 Week Av Turnover $4,936,478, Current Turnover (Intraday as at time of alert) $462,551.

Company Overview : Dacian Gold Limited (DCN) is a gold exploration and development company, in Perth, Western Australia. DCN owns Mount Morgans Gold Project in the North-Eastern Goldfields region.

Broker Consensus : BUY/HOLD

DCN – Dacian Gold Limited

DCN is on the move up after a recent selloff as buyers continue to step into the action searching for a bargain. With the continued bullish sentiment into Gold we expect the move up to be supported. Happy to buy at 1.255 with a Stop Loss at 1.10. If price falls below 1.10 prior to entry, we will cancel the alert and re-assess the action.

Stock Code : DCN – Dacian Gold Limited

Company Website :

Current Price : 1.22

New Potential Buy Entry (Trigger Level) : 1.255

Potential Sell Exit Zone (Stop Loss) : 1.10

Status : On watch for Buy Entry Trigger