ILU has held support and buyers showing strength

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ILU – Iluka Resources

Stock : ILU – Iluka Resources

Current Price : 9.35

Previous Buy Entry (Trigger Level) : 8.95

New Sell Exit Zone (Stop Loss) : 8.85

Status : On Watch for continuation higher

ILU has continued higher heading up to recent highs at 9.58. We have raised the risk slightly to 8.85 and will be watching now for a push through 9.60. A nice retest to confirm the higher low at 8.90 gives confidence that price action is ready to kick higher.



Stock : ILU – Iluka Resources

Current Price : $8.95

New Buy Entry (Trigger Level) : $8.95

New sell exit level (Stop Loss) : $8.34

ILU has great price structure both on the daily and weekly charts. We are now watching for an initial move higher to the $9.30 level and then continuation toward the $10 mark and the previous $12 highs.