Price consolidates higher levels and is showing signs that is ready to fire

Potential Buy Entry Alert GMV


Time Frame : Daily/Weekly

Sector : Healthcare Equipment/Technology

Key Stats : $45.46 Million Market Cap, VWAP 0.365, ASX Ranking 1129, 4 Week Av Turnover $145,008, Current Turnover (Intraday as at time of alert) $52,230.

Company Overview : G Medical Innovations Holdings Limited (GMV) is a next-generation mobile health (mHealth) and e-health company that develops and markets clinical and consumer medical-grade health monitoring solutions and offers end-to-end support for e-health projects.

Broker Consensus : BUY


GMV – G Medical Innovations Holdings Limited

GMV is ready to fire as price holds and consolidates at higher levels. Price recently moved up from 0.20 through 0.30 and is holding above which will see further buyers step in to take a nibble at the action. We are now watching closely for volume to lift as buyers build a higher low for the buy entry setup.


Stock Code : GMV – G Medical Innovations Holdings Limited

Company Website :

Current Price : 0.36

Status : On watch for buy entry setup