Trading Plan for the days action

SPI200 HANG SENG N225 DOW Index CFDs and Cryptos

Time Frame : 5/15/30 Min Charts

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Pre-Market Plan and KEY LEVELS and PRICE ACTION to watch

— Remember to work off Key Levels on charts and SEE THE TRADE first —

Rollover day on the SPI200 from June to Sept contract so a delayed open. The SPI200 held up okay off the days close and above 7275. Expecting to see some negativity around on the open as retail get flushed out of the action. The bigger picture is that there is still no rate rises in the US for 2-3 years so funds potentially flowing out of bonds if they keep getting sold should find its way to shares in the near term. The DOW cleared 34240 after the release which is expected after all the build up of inflation concerns. Price could easily extend lower 33680 or find a bid higher to work its way back up to 34240…in no mans land currently. The Hang Seng broke below 28445 on the FOMC release and cleared out a lot of bulls. Expecting to see 28190 traded and flushed on the open and then either a lower high for a sell or higher low up off the zone. The Nikkei was very choppy after the release with an initial spike lower followed by a 250 point rally. Price is expected to head back down today to test the overnight lows.

Crypto moved lower through the European session as sellers jumped into the action off resistance levels. Bitcoin is holding lower highs and moving down expected to test into 37700 where we expect to see some action. Ethereum is also holding lower highs and moving into support around 2296.

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