At TRADESETUP we Provide High Conviction Trade Alerts Direct to You

“Keeping traders away from under performing stocks is just as important as finding great opportunities”


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  • This link will show every alert sent in time and date sequence.


View Alert Categories


  • Alert Price for Entry – Our watch list for potential alerts waiting for entry.
  • Buy/Sell Triggered – Trades that have hit our alert entry levels from the Alert Price for Entry category.
  • Alert Management – Alert trades that have triggered and are being managed with entry, exit, stop levels and target levels.
  • Closed Alerts – Alerts that have been exited.
  • Stock Alerts – All stocks that are showing interesting price action for potential trade alerts.
  • Forex Alerts – All Forex currency pairs that are showing interesting price action.
  • Index Alerts – Indexes make up groups of instruments traded on global exchanges. (Example ASX 200, S&P 500, Gold)
  • Commodity Alerts – Gold, Silver, Oil and other commodity alerts can be accessed here.
  • Capital Raisings/IPOs – IPOs and Capital Raisings can be viewed here.
  • Custom Alerts –  The Morning Jumpstart


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This area lets you keep up to date with our latest results and current open positions.


Your Personal Watchlist


Any alert you wish to save to your personal watchlist can be done by clicking “Add to Watchlist” on the specific alert.

This can allow you to view alert updates and follow any instruments you are interested in.


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The contact us tab is where you can send any questions or help you require from TradeSetup customer service.

We also love to hear from you as feedback whether good or bad, can help us to keep improving our service.