A stock that has been held down recently is in a prime position for a new leg up

Potential Buy Entry Alert RAP

Time Frame : Daily/Weekly

Sector : Healthcare Epuipment and Services

Key Stats : $85.68 Million Market Cap, VWAP 0.13, ASX Ranking 829.

Company Overview : ResApp Health Limited (RAP, formerly Narhex Life Sciences Limited) is a digital health company developing smartphone applications for the diagnosis and management of respiratory disease. The technology is based on machine learning algorithms that use cough sounds to diagnose and measure the severity of respiratory conditions without the need for additional hardware.


RAP –  Resapp Health Limited

RAP has been on the radar for a while as price is in the slow process of rebuilding after a drop from the 0.30 zone. We now see the action to be in an important zone which could drag in some buyers for a move higher. Traders may still be waiting for more news and the story to unfold so we will keep this one on the radar for now in search of further confirmation.


Stock Code : RAP – Resapp Health Limited

Company Website : www.resapphealth.com.au

Current Price : 0.13

Status : On watch for buy entry setup