A2M was hit hard on the open as buyers run for the exit so the alert was cancelled

Cancelled Buy Entry Alert A2M

The market did not take kindly to the news release today of the FY18 Outlook and Trading Update as buyers bailed on the open.

Price Gapped down over 17% to through the $10 level leaving a few buyers feeling some pain. We will sit on the sidelines for now to see how price reacts.


Original Alert 15/5/18

A2M – The A2 Milk Company Limited

A2M has been supported by some strong buying and is ready for another leg higher. Price has spent the last two months consolidating the highs so we are now watching for a push up through 12.41 for a buy entry. If price falls through 11.65 prior to entry then we will re-assess the alert.


Stock Code : A2M – The A2 Milk Company Limited

Company Website : www.thea2milkcompany.com

Current Price : 12.315

New Buy Entry (Trigger Level) : 12.41

Potential Sell Exit Zone (Stop Loss) : 11.65

Status : On watch for buy entry trigger