April 16, 2018

Bitcoin is showing less volatility but may be building for a strong move higher

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Cryptocurrency Analysis BTCUSD


BTCUSD – Bitcoin

BTCUSD has retested the lows around 6500 since the last alert and is now showing signs of renewed life. A lot of volatility has come out of the market so we may not see the wild swings of previous sessions. Price is currently extended at current levels so we expect a pullback and some heat to come out of the market before further buying and a higher low to build.


Crypto – BTCUSD – Bitcoin

Current Price : $8058

Status : On watch for pullback and higher low



Previous Alert 13/2/18

BTCUSD – Bitcoin

BTCUSD has been under pressure for a while recently touching down below $6000. Price has reacted off $6000 and will need to hold above this level for upside in the near term. We are now watching BTC as a proxy for the overall crypto market and will want to see a higher low build above 6000 for evidence that buyers are stepping in to the action to defend higher levels.


Crypto – BTCUSD – Bitcoin

Current Price : $8618

Status : On watch for higher low


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