Buyers trigger the buy entry level as they pile into the action

Buyers lift price to trigger the Buy Entry Level on NXS at 3.06 so the alert is now active. The Stop Loss is held at 2.65 and the current price is trading 3.10.

Alert History

Original Buy Entry Alert 2/09/19

New Buy Entry Alert NXS

Time Frame : Daily/Weekly

Sector : Healthcare Equipment and Services

Key Stats : $279.83 Million Market Cap, VWAP 2.754, ASX Ranking 478, 4 Week Av Turnover $681,437, Current Turnover (Intraday as at time of alert) $458,510.

Company Overview : Next Science Limited (NXS) is a medical technology with a research and development centre in Florida, USA. NXS has four FDA cleared products currently available in the US market to treat and manage surgical site infections and chronic wounds. NXS owns 100% of the patent protected intellectual property relating to its Xbio technology.

Broker Consensus : Not covered by a major broker

NXS – Next Science Limited

NXS is looking primed to spike up out of contraction as buyers start the march higher off a higher low. Price has been pushed lower to oversold territory on the weekly charts but the selling pressure has been soaked up well from the buyers. We are happy to buy on a push up through 3.06 with a stop loss at 2.65. If price falls prior to the entry through 2.65 then we will cancel the alert and re-assess.

Stock Code : NXS – Next Science Limited

Company Website :

Current Price : 2.90

New Potential Buy Entry (Trigger Level) : 3.06

Potential Sell Exit Zone (Stop Loss) : 2.65

Status : On watch for Buy Entry Trigger