BXB has moved lower as expected watching for partial 50% profit

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Current Open Alert


— BXB Partial 50% Exit moved  up to current market price at 9.69 —

Price was struggling to push back down to 9.63 so happy now to lock in gains at current price at 9.69 from a Sell Entry Trigger Level at 10.00


Previous Alert 3/7/17

Stock : BXB – Brambles Limited

Current Price : 9.64

Previous Sell Entry (Trigger Level) : 10.00

New Remaining Potential Buy Exit Zone (Stop loss) : 10.05

Partial Buy Exit 50% Level (Target) : 9.63

Status : On Watch for partial exit

BXB has moved down strongly as expected so we are now happy to take a partial 50% exit at 9.63. The remaining stop loss exit zone has been moved down to 10.05.


Stock : BXB – Brambles Limited

Current Price : 10.055

New Sell Entry Trigger Level : 10.00 limit down to 9.95

Potential Buy Exit Zone : 10.30

Status : On Watch for sell trigger

BXB is looking weak and set to continue its long term move lower. We can see the 10.23 support zone was recently broken and then retested. We see now confirmation of a lower high on a move down through 10.00 so are happy to sell. The lower limit for the entry is 9.95 as price can easily gap lower. If price pushes up prior to entry through 10.23 then we will re-assess the price action.