Circum World pre private token sale round

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Circum World

Bringing the cash economy online. Brings the unbanked into the digital revolution without needing a bank. Billions of people around the world do not have access to digital banking and payments. But this is increasingly vital. allows everyone to pay and transact using a mobile phone. Disrupting traditional banking and payments industry. Extending the value of money for consumers with crypto currency.

The cash economy represents a $50+ trillion dollar opportunity 

Blockchain Frontier are underwriting $20M USD of the ICO offer. (see their Bio, and list of successful deals below)


Please submit a bid before 4pm Monday 30th July .

Funds will be due Wednesday 1st August and you will be required to send AUD directly to Circum.


For Further Information, please email



  • Huge market of cash users globally
  • Proven business model where blockchain improves the solution by reducing and or removing merchant fees, and adding consumer growth incentives
  • Advanced token design and blockchain solution
  • Team have already delivered a very successful distributed ledger into South East Asia
  • Circum will have direct access to Tapps digital banking grade platform and will save Circum huge amounts of capital and time required to build themselves.
  • Circum will be Leveraging large existing community of 80,000 agents and 16 million unique users from the TAPP platform
  • TAPP has reputable and successful in the unbanked market place for Circum to roll out the Crypto token platform to instantly
  • Blockchain Frontier X and ICO Frontier are Partners and advisers to Circum who have a reputable history of funding, listing and marketing ICOs. (see attachment and below) in my view this was something Ivykoin was missing. Blockchain Frontier were behind Power Ledger, one of Australia’s most successful and best performing ICO’s.
  • Blockchain Frontier X are underwriting the $20m USD ICO raise. Blockchain Frontier have raised over $1 Billion in group ICO’s with $10 Billion is crypto assets.
  • Exchange listing planned for end of Q4 2018 – Blockchain Frontier Group own crypto exchanges globally which will help the listing and awareness process.



  • Requires scaleable blockchain not delivered by Etherum Layer 1 – working on OmiseGo or Stellar as most likely platform
  • Requires user take up of Consumers and Agents to scale
  • Requires engagement of Agents to educate users of the token platform
  • Risks of any Token and Crypto offering: Token may never get listed, token may fail, liquidity risk, going concern risk, required capital may not be raised.


Project Factsheet:

Pre Private sale: $300k AUD at $0.003

Private Sale: US$2m at $0.005

ICO Target: US$20m at $0.01

Token type: ERC20

Private sale discount: 50% to ICO and pre private sale discount 70%

Public Sale: Q4 2018

Product release: Mainnet Q4 2018


Pitch Deck & Litepaper attached. Please read to make your own investment decision.


Litepaper    Pitch Deck



TAPP Website:


Blockchain Frontier Pty Ltd: 

Directors Jason Webb and Simon Sorockyj

What is their expertise and point of difference?

We are part of the world’s largest group of crypto and blockchain delivery entities providing delivery of ICO’s and Blockchain Solutions with a 200 head development house, Exchange and Wallet IP, OTC, marketing and licensing team, and investor base.

The Frontier Group of which BCF is part, is the branded ICO delivery arm of the Blockshine and Blockchain Global Groups (Sam Lee CEO) including;


What have they done before? 

The Frontier Group are currently doing over 8 ICO’s :



EQI Trade ( EQI Bank)



Melbourne Team size = 10

Global team size = up to 300

Over $1 Billion raised in groups ICO’s with $10 Billion is crypto assets.


If you do not understand the risks of Crypto Currencies, do not invest, they are highly speculative and volatile. Crypto’s trade on illiquid exchanges, and not on the ASX, setting up an account with an exchange can be difficult. These are speculative tokens that involve a high degree of risk.

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