EURUSD shows the evolution of a long standing short squeeze alert

FX Alert Management



Currency Pair : EURUSD

Current Price : 1.1728

Status : Watching for Further Short Squeeze

The EURUSD just keeps powering along to new highs squeezing out the sellers along the way. The original alert from the 23/6/17 played out nicely and price action just keeps building setups to provide buying opportunities. With the sellers still stacked up, the move higher looks far from over so we will keep watching the lower timeframe charts for entry setups.



Currency Pair : EURUSD

Current Price : 1.1173

Status : Watching for Further Short Squeeze

The EURUSD has been squeezing out the sellers for a while now but they just keep stacking up to fuel a continued move higher. We still see the potential now for price to push higher off major support at 1.1115 and a higher low 1.1142. There is more than enough sellers stacked up we just need to see an entry setup and away it goes.



Currency Pair : EURUSD

Current Price : 1.0921

Status : Watching for short squeeze

The EURUSD is holding above major resistance at 1.0860 and also holding higher lows. We see a lot of short positions that have been built up to be potential fuel for a short squeeze and push higher. Price is a little extended on the on hour chart but has a lot of room to move up on the longer timeframe charts. We are now expecting price to build and force out the sellers on its way through the highs around 1.0950. If price breaks back down below 1.0860, then it will be a good time to re-assess the price action.