SHL is on the move into new highs

SHL – Sonic Healthcare Limited

Stock : SHL – Sonic Healthcare Limited

Current Price : 24.31

Previous Buy Entry Trigger Level : 22.84

Partial Exit Zone : 24.70/24.80 or 23.90 (one cancels other)

New Remaining Sell Exit Zone : 22.90

Status : On watch for Continuation Higher and profit target

SHL has kicked up through highs at 24.25 so we are now watching for price to extend higher. We are watching to see how price reacts around the 24.80 area and have setup a partial profit taking pair of orders at 24.70/24.80 and 23.90. If price does extend higher then we are looking to take a partial profit at 24.70/24.80 and cancel 23.90. On a pullback it is reversed with a partial profit at 23.90.



Stock : SHL – Sonic Healthcare Limited

Current Price : 22.63

New Buy Entry Trigger Level : 22.80

Potential Sell Exit Zone : 22.20

Status : On watch for Buy Entry Trigger

SHL has great price structure and is in prime position to make a run for the highs. Price recently pushed through resistance at 22.40 up to 23.72 and then sellers have pushed price back down to the breakout zone. We can see that it has taken a bit of effort from the sellers to get price down which has been soaked up by buyers at a potential higher low. Watching now for continuation higher through 22.80. If price pushes lower through 22.20 prior to entry then we will re-assess the price action.