NVL back on the move up and gunning for new highs

Trade Management

Current Open Alert


NVL – National Veterinary Care Limited

Stock : NVL – National Veterinary

Current Price : 2.53

Previous Buy Entry (Trigger Level) : 2.58

New Sell Exit Zone (Stop Loss) : 2.40

Status : On watch for continuation higher

NVL is looking strong as we see a new higher low building. We expect to see the higher low push price up out of current contraction to attack the highs around 2.84. Happy now to raise the risk level to 2.40 and watch for a partial exit opportunity on a rally.


Original Alert 14/7/17

Stock : NVL – National Veterinary

Current Price : $2.48

New Buy Entry (Trigger Level) : $2.53

New sell exit level (Stop Loss) : $2.31

NVL has great price structure both on the daily and weekly charts.

Price has now traded above the $2.30 base for a second time and with a lack of selling pressure looks likely to move to higher levels from here.

If price on Monday moves to $2.53 we will confirm a buy alert

Our initial stop level is $2.31