On watch for further selling pressure to put the squeeze on the buyers

Potential Sell Entry Alert NCK

Time Frame : Daily/Weekly

Sector : Retailing

Key Stats : $539.46 Million Market Cap, VWAP 6.671, ASX Ranking 340, 4 Week Av Turnover $344,601.

Company Overview : Nick Scali Limited (NCK) is a furniture retailer operating primarily on the east coast of Australia. The Company operates two brands; the Nick Scali brand and the Sofas2Go brand.


NCK – Nick Scali Limited

NCK is still showing weakness and we have this on watch for a selling opportunity for a squeeze of the long term buyers. We are watching for confirmation that sellers are taking over and pressuring the buyers. From there it will be a matter of waiting for a lower high to build for the entry.


Stock Code : NCK – Nick Scali Limited

Company Website : www.nickscali.com.au

Current Price : 6.65

Status : On watch for Lower Highs and sell entry setup