Some good news sees buyers jump back in to support price for a move up

Potential Buy Entry Alert CLQ

Time Frame : Daily

Sector : Commercial & Professional Services/Waste Management

Key Stats : $772.09 Million Market Cap, VWAP 1.08, ASX Ranking 272

Company Overview : Clean Teq Holdings Limited (CLQ) is focused on applying its proprietary Clean-IX ion exchange processes to the recovery of strategic metals from ores and tailings where conventional routes are economically marginal or pose an environmental burden that is not sustainable.


CLQ – Clean Teq Holdings Limited

CLQ did a placement at $1.15 which saw a drop in price to clean out a lot of ‘weak buyers’. We now see price recovering and new buyers stepping back in to support price. Some further goods news on ASX re-balancing and $4.8M rebate, should see the start of a strong move higher. We are now watching for the 1.00 zone to hold and a higher low to build the buy entry setup and push price up and out of recent contraction to end the year with a bang.


Stock Code : CLQ – Clean Teq Holdings Limited

Company Website :

Current Price : 1.09

Status : On watch for higher low and buy entry setup to build