The Dow Jones is under fire from sellers but are buyers ready to stage a fight back

Dow Jones Index Review


Dow Jones Index

The US is well and truly under fire as sellers unload on the on Index. They have moved price right down to a level where the bears are feeling confident but the Bulls may be ready to fight back. We can see price is sitting on major support and if todays intraday action on the Dow Futures is anything to go by, we may expect to see a rally soon. There is a lot of built up short positions for fuel to stoke the move up as sellers get squeezed out but there is still a bit of work to do. With the US gearing up for a long weekend, tonight may be just what we need for some relief. Of course, if sellers continue and the buyers scatter, things may get ugly quickly. The name of the game in current markets is definitely risk management, whether buying or selling, so we will see how it all plays out.


Index : Dow Jones Index

Current Price : 24465.64

Status : On watch for a reaction higher