July 1, 2019

TradeSetup Position Update – Will this market still bite

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Just Playing a waiting game while the market makes up its mind what its doing.

An update of TradeSetup alerts that are currently active : –

RAP – watching the grinding action for a push higher and opportunity to take some profit off the table. The action is still slow and buyers are still finding some pressure but we have a small buffer from the entry.

CCL – The trend is still our friend but the action is looking stretched. We have previously taken a partial exit and are now just watching for an opportunity to raise the remaining risk level and lock away more gains.

SRG – A good day Thursday saw the bulls come out to play on the back of some positive news, so we are watching for further extension higher to lock away some gains.

Remember that the alerts over this week will be ‘management’ alerts only as I enjoy some time away. I will still have my eye on the action and ‘will’ alert if something is setting up nicely and looks too good to pass up. For any urgent queries, please email

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