Trading Plan for the days action

SPI200 HANG SENG N225 DOW Index CFDs and Cryptos

Time Frame : 5/15/30 Min Charts

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Pre-Market Plan with KEY LEVELS and PRICE ACTION to watch

— Remember to work off Key Levels on charts and SEE THE TRADE first —

It is always important to work off confirmation at levels

The SPI200 drifted lower through the US session even as the US was supported into the close. We expect to see price flushed into 7245 and then buyers again provide some support although employment data is out today at 11:30am which may cap any bullish sentiment prior to the release. The DOW spiked into highs at 35035 and then failed lower into the close as the recent action starts to look a little heavy. We are watching for price to fade into 34840 support prior to the US open. The Hang Seng rallied into 27965 after the underlying Index closed, but then failed back down as sellers applied the pressure. Watching for a flush into 27700 on the open or a repeat of yesterdays open…spike and dump into support. The Nikkei showed little enthusiasm yesterday and was capped at 28700 and then a lower high held at 28617. We expect to see a push into support if 28617 holds.

Crypto managed to find some closet bulls to support price after a run lower in the Asian market session. Bitcoin spiked below 32275 before being supported for a rally back above the level in a move that will give the short term buyers some relief. Buyers will need to pressure up into 33220 other wise we see a squeeze lower on the cards today. Ethereum also rallied off an earlier fall to hover just below 2028. For a move above the level, we would want to see a pullback and a higher low stick prior. Like BTC, ETH will need to pressure higher to fend off another good leg lower.

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