With global headwinds and the ASX200 into new highs is it time for Divs

High Dividend high paying stocks to Watch

Time Frame : Daily/Weekly

Div Paying Stocks

The ASX200 just kicked over into new all time high levels since 1st of November 2007. It has been a long time coming but does that mean that price is set to continue higher? There are a lot of global headwinds that say there is pressure to come and with Federal Reserve banks around the globe cutting rates on slowing economic growth, the idea of bears coming into the action is heating up. Prices are currently stretched on all timeframes so at the minimum, we would expect to see some heat come out of the action now that the market is in new high territory. If there is a correction on the horizon, then the idea of high paying dividend stocks is appealing especially as parking funds in the bank seems pointless at such low rates. Below is a list of the highest paying dividend stocks that we are watching. Some look technically better than others so we will be alerting to changes in price action with a bias to the upside off low levels.

As at close 30/07/19

Stock Code : AWC – Alumina Limited

Sector : Materials/Basic Materials

Company Website : www.aluminalimited.com

Current Price : 2.385

Status : On watch for potential higher low and push up through