MBE has kicked higher so now watching for a partial exit

Trade Management

Current Open Alert

MBE – Mobile Embrace Limited

Stock : MBE – Mobile Embrace Limited

Current Price : 0.085

Previous Buy Entry (Trigger Level) : 0.076

Sell Exit Zone (Stop Loss) : 0.063

Potential 50% Partial Exit Zone (Target) : 0.105

MBE is on the move higher and looking strong. We are looking now for a partial exit around the 0.105 level and will watch for opportunities to raise the risk level to lock in some gains. Time now to sit back and enjoy the action.


Previous Alert 13/7/17


Stock : MBE – Mobile Embrace Ltd

Current Price : $0.076

Status : New Buy Entry Level at $0.076

New sell exit level: $0.063

MBE has built a new base after strong selling in the past year. We often see continuation of buying when volume is associated with the daily moves higher. The 12 cent level is what we will initially focus on as a target but may take a 50% portion at 10.5 cents. Traders may be able to take advantage of the price increment jump from 0.1 cent moves to 0.5 cent moves when price moves past 10 cents by putting a sell order now for a portion at 10.5 cents.